Wellcome Centre for Anti-Infective Research at the University of Dundee

WCAIR Conference Flyer12-15 May 2019
Dundee, UK

The aim of the conference is to harness cross-disciplinary and cross-disease learning to accelerate drug discovery and reduce drug candidate attrition rates for infectious diseases affecting low and middle income countries.



The current situation

Date: Sunday, 12 May 2019
Time: 17:00-17:40

The global situation
Nick White, Mahidol University & Chair of DNDi‘s Scientific Advisory Committee


Clinical development and connectivity to the preclinical situation

Date: Monday, 13 May 2019
Time: 10:20-11:00

Clinical trials for Chagas Disease. Understanding clinical PK/PD relationships. How can we do trials for Chagas disease better?
Isabela RibeiroHead of Dynamic Portfolio Unit, DNDi



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