A four-step process for building sustainable access to diagnosis and treatment of Chagas disease

by Batista C, Forsyth CJ, Herazo R, Certo MP, Marchiol A. Pan American Journal of Public Health 2019, 43:e74. doi: 10.26633/RPSP.2019.74

Summary: This report discusses a collaborative approach to eliminating barriers and increasing the availability of testing and treatment for Chagas disease. Potential areas for intervention are selected based on burden of disease, support of local champions, and commitment from national and local authorities. A 4D approach (diagnose, design, deliver, and demonstrate impact) is then implemented. In Colombia, this approach has helped simplify testing procedures and increase Chagas disease testing and treatment access in pilot communities, though challenges remain. The 4D approach represents one of several pathways toward ensuring that the best therapeutic and diagnostic products reach people affected by neglected tropical diseases.

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Screenshot of the Science Explained on Improving access to testing for Chagas disease in ColombiaThe Science Explained: Improving access to testing for Chagas disease in Colombia