Exploring global and country-level barriers to an effective supply of leishmaniasis medicines and diagnostics in eastern Africa: a qualitative study

by Sunyoto T, Potet J, den Boer M, Ritmeijer K, Postigo JAR, Ravinetto R, Alves F, Picado A, Boelaert M. BMJ Open 2019, 9:e029141. doi: 10.1136/bmjopen-2019-029141

Summary: The authors used a literature review and in-depth interviews with stakeholders in order to understand perceptions of the access barriers to quality-assured diagnostics and medicines for leishmaniasis in the high-burden region of eastern Africa, and to identify key bottlenecks to improving the supply of commodities for neglected tropical diseases. Stakeholders perceived some progress, but there are persistent problems with production of medicines, procurement, weak communication and coordination, and limited political and resource commitment due to low awareness and limited in-country capacity. Improved investment in supply of diagnostics is also needed. Addressing supply barriers in eastern Africa requires consistent, specific efforts at the global and national levels. Priority actions include pooled procurement, improved forecasting, and increased commitment and resources.

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