2019 R&D portfolio in review: Mycetoma


DNDi aims to develop an effective, safe, affordable, and simpler curative treatment. There is currently no effective cure for fungal mycetoma.


Scientist holding a tubeDNDi’s current mycetoma portfolio includes:


R&D discovery stage iconDiscovery


  • MycetOS: A list of current targets for Open Pharma project MycetOS has been compiled and opportunities given to researchers interested in working on them. Two participating institutions from the Open Synthesis Network have received preliminary data and are working to identify new compounds with potential activity against mycetoma.


R&D development stage iconDevelopment


  • Fosravuconazole: The first-ever double-blind study to determine whether the new chemical entity fosravuconazole could be an effective and affordable treatment for eumycetoma is ongoing. By January 2020, 101 patients had been enrolled in the study, which should reach the targeted enrollment of 165 patients by the end of 2020. A Data and Safety Monitoring Board (DSMB) meeting was held in 2019 after the study reached the threshold for interim analysis (84 participants). The DSMB reviewed study data and decided to continue with all three treatment arms (200 mg vs 300 mg of fosravuconazole weekly vs daily itraconazole).



Photo credit: Neil Brandvold-DNDi