New laboratory adds much-needed capacity for mycetoma clinical research and treatment

Medical materialThe Mycetoma Research Centre (MRC) has completed work to launch a specialized laboratory in Sudan, situated at the Wad Onsa Regional Mycetoma Centre (WORMC) in Sennar State. Now fully operational, the laboratory was constructed with support from DNDi and opened officially by the Governor of Sennar State in early January 2020.

The MRC has partnered with DNDi since 2016 to conduct the first-ever mycetoma clinical trial for fosravuconazole, a potential new treatment for fungal mycetoma. Until this year, most specialized mycetoma lab procedures in Sudan were carried out at the MRC or at Soba Hospital in the capital city, Khartoum. This meant that patients had to travel long distances – from as far away as endemic Sennar State, about 400 kilometres from the capital – to be tested for mycetoma.

The new laboratory at WORMC is equipped for microbiological testing and has an excellent storage facility for reagents and samples. A portable ultrasound machine also is now available, both for use in the centre and for outreach activities in the surrounding villages. The imaging and laboratory equipment will improve the quality of medical services offered by the MRC for the whole community and support patient recruitment for the ongoing mycetoma treatment clinical trial.

Healthcare worker examining a patient

Doctors doing an operation on the foot


Photo credit: Mycetoma Research Centre