Prioritising pathogens for the management of severe febrile patients to improve clinical care in low- and middle-income countries

by Osborn J, Roberts T, Guillen E, Bernal O, Roddy P, Ongarello S, Sprecher A, Page AL, Ribeiro I, Piriou E, Tamrat A, de la Tour R, Rao VB, Flevaud L, Jensen T, McIver L, Kelly C, Dittrich S. BMC Infectious Diseases 2020, 20(1):117. doi: 10.1186/s12879-020-4834-1

Summary: Management of patients with severe febrile illness without a known source (SFWS) is challenging, particularly given the wide spectrum of potential infections that are difficult to distinguish clinically. A limited diagnostic test menu hinders clinical decision-making and antimicrobial stewardship, leading to empiric treatment and suboptimal patient outcomes. The authors identified priority pathogens for a globally applicable test panel for fever causing pathogens, in order to specifically address SFWS. Currently available scientific data was combined with systematically gathered expert input and the list was further adapted for community acquired infections in whole blood specimens. The SFWS prioritized list had broad, but not universal, applicability, which is important when considering the need for a sufficient market for the development of a commercialized diagnostic product.

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