Urine-based antigen detection assay for diagnosis of visceral leishmaniasis using monoclonal antibodies specific for six protein biomarkers of Leishmania infantum/Leishmania donovani

by Abeijon C, Alves F, Monnerat S, Mbui J, Viana AG, Almeida RM, Bueno LL, Fujiwara RT, Campos-Neto A. PLOS Neglected Tropical Diseases 2020, 14(4): e0008246. doi: 10.1371/journal.pntd.0008246

Summary: There is still a need for a simple, non-expensive, sensitive, and specific test for visceral leishmaniasis that can be used both for accurate diagnosis and to monitor treatment efficacy. The authors describe a new test that can circumvent most of the drawbacks of existing approaches. It detects six leishmanial proteins or biomarkers that are eliminated in the urine of patients with visceral leishmaniasis. An initial clinical validation demonstrated that the test has a sensitivity of ≥93% and specificity of 100%. This new and accurate monoclonal antibody-based multiplexed assay could be a useful resource to diagnose most clinical forms and/or the severity of the disease. The test is ready for upscaling and validation for clinical use.

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