Delivering Innovation

Vision, Mission, & Objectives: Since its outset in 2003, DNDi has built the largest ever portfolio for kinetoplastid diseases.
DNDi has also reached a new milestone in its evolution by delivering, in 2007 and 2008 respectively, 2 new treatments
against malaria.
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R&D Model, Strategy, & Portfolio:
DNDi’s R&D portfolio has begun to bear fruit, with the registrations of ASAQ in 2007 and ASMQ in 2008, while continuing to grow as the strongest and most comprehensive kinetoplastid drug portfolio in history.
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Strengthening Existing Capacities: Developing drugs is a long and arduous process that requires skilled and
knowledgeable partners throughout all stages of the pipeline and into the field. In order to bridge some of the gaps seen
in drug R&D for neglected diseases, DNDi uses and strengthens existing research capacity in disease-endemic countries.
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Advocacy, Communication, & Fundraising: In the past few years, awareness of the lack of effective treatments for
neglected diseases has been growing. With increasing media attention, essential health R&D has also been included
in new policy proposals and funding initiatives.
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Financial & Performance Report: During its fourth year of operation, DNDi continued its growth, with overall
expenditures increasing by 43% (as compared with 44% in 2006).
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annual report 08Click here to download DNDi’s Annual Report 2007-2008 (full)