DNDi works to build awareness about the most neglected diseases in both developed and disease-endemic countries, so as to increase and to sustain support for increased public involvement. Political leadership is essential to sustaining financial support, defining priorities, creating a more favourable environment that will stimulate health R&D, and ensuring equitable access of new health tools.Wake up Clock The DNDi fundraising strategy should follow and support the R&D strategy and donors should be sought in alignment with the R&D strategy as well as the vision and mission of DNDi.

DNDi’s independence remains a cornerstone of its strategy. Every effort will therefore be made to create a pool of funds from diverse sources without any one donor contributing more than 25% of annual revenue and with an attempt to minimize earmarked donations.

To allow for the greatest flexibility in decision making needed for the R&D portfolio management strategy and to allow greater independence in its operations, the DNDi priority is to raise unrestricted core funding versus project specific or earmarked funding. In cases where this is not possible, DNDi will pursue project specific or earmarked funding without requirements that may interfere with the objectives of the project.