How much does it cost DNDi to develop a drug?

DNDi is committed to cost transparency. We publish this information periodically, based on our latest historical data set.

The most recent figures published in 2019 and based on the historical data of eight of our drug development projects show out-of-pocket expenses ranged from €4 to €60 million per treatment developed, up to and including registration.

Adjusting these figures for average attrition costs per phase of development, we estimate we can develop and register:

  • New treatments that combine or repurpose existing drugs for €4-32 million;
  • New chemical entity for €60-190 million.

These figures do not include post-registration additional studies and access costs, nor in-kind contributions from pharmaceutical partners.


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Previous R&D cost report

In January 2014, we published a first report that explores the lessons learned from a decade of R&D of new treatments for neglected diseases via a cost-effective, innovative, not-for-profit drug development model.

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An innovative approach to R&D for neglected patients
Ten years of experience and lessons learned by DNDi

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