Philippe DesjeuxDr Philippe Desjeux
Leishmaniasis specialist
Former WHO and iOWH

Dr Desjeux has more than three decades of experience in leishmaniasis surveillance, control and prevention.

From 2004 to 2012, held the position of Senior Program Officer of Disease Control at iOWH.  

In 2004, after 20 years at WHO/HQ, Geneva, Dr. Desjeux retired from the WHO/CDS/CPE as the medical officer responsible for the Leishmaniasis control program and from TDR as Leishmaniasis Research Coordinator.

Dr Desjeux’s career began with hospital posts in France followed by a technical assignment to the Bolivian Institute of High Altitude Biology (IBBA). He later served as a Scientific Advisor to the National Institute of Health Laboratories for the Pasteur Institute, before heading up Leishmaniasis laboratory at the Pasteur Institute, Dakar, Senegal. Desjeux went on to direct Pasteur’s research programs (epidemiology, immunology) on Leishmaniasis and Chagas, through IBBA, and advise the WHO Steering Committee on Leishmaniasis Control, before coordinating leishmaniasis research for TDR.

Dr Desjeux pursued his education in France, where he received a medical doctorate from the University of Paris. He also completed certificates of microbiology (bacteriology and virology) from the Pasteur Institute and a certificate of parasitology from the Odeon Faculty of Medicine in Paris.