Develop treatments for people suffering from neglected diseases

  • As defined within the 2015-2023 Business Plan, the primary objective of DNDi is to deliver a total of 16 to 18 treatments by 2023 (including the six delivered as of September 2015).
  • Expanding on R&D networks built across regions, DNDi will reach this objective by applying various operating models.
  • Three new chemical entities (NCEs), including combinations with one NCE, will be developed and the portfolio will span approximately ten disease areas over a 20-year period (2003-2023).


Influence the R&D landscape for neglected diseases

DNDi advocates for enhanced political leadership, sustainable financing, and sound public policies that will encourage greater needs-driven R&D.

  • DNDi will take concrete steps in analyzing, piloting, and bringing evidence from its alternative and open models of innovation; pro-access management of intellectual property and licensing; practice of de-linking product pricing from R&D costs; and promotion of innovative regulatory pathways.
  • Global policy advocacy efforts will be focused on the creation of a global fund and mechanism for innovations of public health importance through the engagement of public health leaders in low- and middle-income


Strengthen research capacity

DNDi enables R&D networks while harnessing existing support capacities in low- and middle-income countries by:

  • Maintaining and building R&D platforms (e.g. transforming one platform in Africa into a sustainable resource platform for clinical studies);
  • Promoting regionally driven initiatives (e.g. lead optimization programmes in Latin America and India);
  • Facilitation of patient access to treatments;
  • Training to support R&D efforts in disease-endemic countries; and
  • Transfer of technology to local manufacturers.