DNDi has a global team of around 200 committed staff and close consultants. Our diverse team represents more than 30 nationalities, and our leadership team brings together experienced professionals with backgrounds in academia, non-profit organizations, the private sector, and public institutions.

Geneva, Switzerland



Bernard Pécoul, Executive Director
Graeme Bilbe, Research & Development Director
François Bompart, Director of HIV & Hepatitis C Initiative
Rudi Paye, Strategy and Operations Director
Eric Stobbaerts, International Development Director
Nathalie Strub-Wourgaft, Director of Neglected Tropical Diseases
Joelle Tanguy, External Affairs Director 



Graeme Bilbe, Research & Development Director 
Olawale Ajose, NTD Head of Access
Jorge Alvar, Senior Leishmaniasis Advisor
Fabiana Alves, Head of Visceral Leishmaniasis Clinical Programme
Isabelle Andrieux-Meyer, Head of Clinical Development HIV & Hepatitis C Initiative
Byron Arana, Head of Cutaneous Leishmaniasis
François Bompart, Director of HIV & Hepatitis C Initiative
Valérie Cayron-Elizondo, Head of Pharmacovigilance
Eric Chatelain, Head of Drug Discovery Programme
Michel Conorcet, NTD Product Development and Planning Leader
Mariama Diallo, Clinical Trial Leader HIV
Jean-Yves Gillon, Head of Translation 
Wendy Keller, Head of Clinical Quality Assurance
Marion Laumonier, Head of Regulatory Affairs
Hervé Lécuelle, Research & Development Portfolio & Planning Leader
Frédéric Monnot, Filarial Team Leader
Charles Mowbray, Discovery Director
Claudia Pena Rossi, Medical Director
Stephen Robinson, Pharmaceutical Development Director 
François Simon, HIV & Hepatitis C Initiative Clinical Trial Leader
Peter Sjö, Discovery Project Leader 
Sabine Specht, Head of Filarial Clinical Programme 
Nathalie Strub-Wourgaft
, Director of Neglected Tropical Diseases

Alistair Swanson, Head of Product Development, HIV & Hepatitis C Initiative
Antoine Tarral, Head of HAT Clinical Programme
Olaf Valverde, T.B. Rhodesiense HAT Leader


External Affairs

Joelle Tanguy, External Affairs Director
Jean-François Alesandrini, Senior Advisor, External Affairs and Executive Office
James Arkinstall, Head of Communications & Advocacy
Thi Hanh Cao, Head of External Relations
Michelle Childs, Head of Policy Advocacy



Rudi Paye, Strategy and Operations Director
Olivier Anselmo, Head of Human Resources & Administration
Vijaya Bhadauria, Business Development Leader HIV & Hepatitis C Initiative
Pascale Boulet, Intellectual Property & Access Leader
Phouttasone Bouppha, Head of Financial Control
Pascal Carpentier, Head of IS/IT
Jana Jauffret, Human Resources & Organization Director
Dominique Junod-Moser, Director of Legal Affairs
Mae Shieh, Head of Business Development
Eric Stobbaerts, International Development Director
Laurence Vielfaure, Finance Director

Democratic Republic of Congo
Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of Congo

Chirac Bulanga Milemba, Head of DRC Project Office

Tokyo, Japan

Daisuke Imoto, Head of Office

North America
New York, USA

Rachel Cohen, Regional Executive Director

Southern Africa
Cape Town, South Africa (joint office with GARDP)

Carol Ruffell, Head of Office

South-East Asia
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Jean-Michel Piedagnel, Director of Regional Office