Fabiana Alves, Head of Visceral Leishmaniasis Clinical Programme, DNDi

Fabiana Piovesan Alves joined DNDi in 2008, initially as a consultant on the Chagas disease and leishmaniasis projects. She is now Head of Visceral Leishmaniasis Clinical Programme.

Fabiana is a medical doctor, who graduated from the University of São Paulo, Brazil, with residency in Pediatrics. A PhD thesis on the molecular epidemiology of malaria in the Amazon region was followed by a post-doctoral position at TDR/WHO. She was a professor of parasitology at the University of São Paulo, coordinated projects at research institutes and also worked as a project manager for a clinical research organization.

Fabiana has 15 years of experience in research on tropical diseases, including malaria, leishmaniasis, Chagas disease and schistosomiasis, with the last 10 years principally in clinical research for the development of new treatments for neglected diseases, managing clinical trials from Phase I through to Phase III.