Hervé Lécuelle, R&D Portfolio and Planning Leader, DNDi

Hervé Lécuelle joined DNDi in January 2017. He has 20 years of pharmaceutical experience in Clinical Operations, Project Management, and Project Leadership.

Hervé recently worked as Global Project Team leader at Allergan, responsible for the development of new treatments in the medical aesthetic field and previously as Global Project Leader at Novartis consumer health responsible for pain relief development projects.

Before this, he held various positions with increasing responsibilities at Merck Serono for 12 years in the R&D and Portfolio Development organizations as Director Global Product Team Leader (fertility and metabolic endocrinology areas), Global Project manager (neurology, oncology and metabolic endocrinology areas) and Clinical Project manager (neurology and fertility phase 1-3 clinical studies). Prior to this, Hervé also spent 5 years at Sanofi Pasteur in charge of South-East Asia clinical trial management on Rabies, Hepatitis A and Dengue fever vaccines.

Hervé holds a Master’s degree from the University of Montpellier in Clinical Study management and Project management.