Rudi Paye Profile PictureRudi Paye, Strategy and Operations Director, DNDi

Rudi Paye joined the Executive Management team of DNDi in September 2019 as Strategy and Operations Director, which includes Finance, BD, HR, Legal, Procurement, and IT/IS.

After completing his MBA at ICHEC Brussels Business School, Rudi gained his first professional experiences within the risk management function of a major glass manufacturer and then as ERP/Finance Management Consultant at PriceWaterhouseCoopers. Since then and for the last 19 years, Rudi worked for the pharmaceutical and animal health industries at Merial/Sanofi then Boehringer-Ingelheim where he occupied various leadership positions in industrial operations finance, corporate finance, business development, and alliance management.

Beyond his career experiences and achievements, Rudi is particularly proud of having collaborated and interacted with people from diverse cultures and professional backgrounds. Rudi is also involved in various start-up companies mentoring programmes.