Muriel VrayMuriel Vray
Institut Pasteur, France

Muriel Vray is an expert on clinical trial methodology.  As an epidemiology researcher at INSERM (National Institute of Health and Medical Research), she specialized in clinical research and pharmacoepidemiology. She has been involved with defining international guidelines on equivalence and non-inferiority trials, and is currently working on the methodology of trials and studies on therapeutic strategies. 

Since 2002, Muriel Vray has been at the Pasteur Institute where she works on the development of clinical research in the field of infectious diseases with epidemiologists in the Pasteur Institute network and around the world. She is an expert advisor to several regulatory commissions: AFSSAPS (Marketing Authorization, Working group on HIV and viral hepatitis), HAS (High Authority of Health, Working group on the evaluation of the impact of treatment on public health), ANRS (French Agency on HIV and the viral hepatitis) and both participates in and  coordinates courses on the methodology of clinical trials, statistics and the validity of diagnostics. Muriel Vray has coordinated the methodology of several multicenter therapeutic trials on HIV and viral hepatitis in France, Africa and Asia for the ANRS and Pasteur Institute and is carrying out epidemiological studies in the field of chronic diseases.