Dr Pierre-Etienne Bost
Formerly Institut Pasteur, France

Dr Pierre-Etienne Bost has held several top R&D management positions in a major global pharmaceutical company (now Sanofi) as well as other management functions in the health and food industry.

His experience in medicinal chemistry, drug discovery and development is associated with a track record of:

  •   building successful global R&D organizations in the pharmaceutical industry,
  •   contributing to the discovery of breakthrough products in various therapeutic areas,
  •   moving compounds into clinical evaluation and to the market.

Dr Bost has actively participated in the preclinical and clinical development, registration and launch of several major drugs in oncology (TAXOTERE™), infectious (SYNERCID™), cardiovascular (CLEXAN™) and degenerative diseases (RILUZOL™).

Former member of the board of Aventis-Pasteur, Dr Bost was until 2006 the Head of a research unit at the Institute Pasteur in France. Since 2009, he is Vice-President of Généthon. He is a European expert and founding member of the French Academy of Technologies, where he is acting as General Delegate. The author of various patents and publications, he is also member of the French Council for Science and Technology. He was made an Officer of the French Legion of Honour in July 2016.