The decisions we make at work on a daily basis are a reflection of our values and our beliefs, and they are always directed towards a specific purpose: to bring the best science to the most neglected.



We identify gaps, seek innovative solutions, and implement appropriate strategies; we are both proactive and responsive.


Aiming to be effective, we base our decision on pragmatism, ethics, and responsibility towards all stakeholders. We are persistent in the face of difficulties and hurdles.



We deliver our work based on a diversity of expertise, guided by the principles of best science and quality.



We care about neglected patients. We engage the patients and their communities from defining the product characteristics to ensuring access to treatment.


We recognize the importance of partnering and value the contribution of each partner; we consider our outcomes as shared and common successes.


We strive to be an organization where richness and diversity of cultures, backgrounds and ideas are sought out, listened to and respected.