Simple Regimen 

The new ASAQ combination offers a very simple prescription

  • 1 single daily dose of 1 or 2 tablets for
  • 3 days
 In the child’s upper hand, the single ASAQ tablet per day shown in comparison with the lower hand containing 4 tablets needed per day with former treatments In the adult’s lower hand, the 2 ASAQ tablets per day dosing is shown in comparison with the upper hand holding 8 tablets needed per day with former treatments

Adapted Regimen

 The needs of children, the primary victims of malaria, are specifically addressed by ASAQ. To optimize dosing for each age range, and to avoid over- and under-dosing, three different presentations are available for children between 2 months and 13 years of age.
All age groups have treatment regimens of once-a-day dosing for 3 days: 1 tablet/day for children up to 13 years of age (≤35 kg) or 2 tablets/day for adolescents aged 14 years and above and adults (≥36 kg).
Tablets are small: 8 mm diameter for infants, 10 mm for young children, and 13 mm for children. They are also easy to crush and can be administered with liquids or semi-liquid food.

Adapted Packaging

  • Based on public sector and NGO experience, blister and box sizes were minimized to save as much space as possible so as to reduce shipping, storage, and delivery costs.
  • Public market and pharmacies involved in the Sanofi “Access Card Programme (CAP)”: 1 box with 25 blisters of 3 or 6 tablets per blister.
  • Private market: 1 blister of 3 or 6 tablets per box. Each blister contains a complete 3-day treatment.
  • Colour coding helps to identify the different dosages.
  • Early stability studies support a 2-year shelf-life recommendation for tropical conditions. Additional ongoing studies may support an extended shelf-life.