TiaSáng [31 January 2019]

“Tài trợ cho nghiên cứu về những “căn bệnh bị lãng quên” tăng cao kỷ lục” – “Neglected disease research funding hits record high”

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BBC News Brasil [31 January 2019]

“As doenças negligenciadas pela indústria farmacêutica que afetam milhões de pessoas no mundo e no Brasil” – “Neglected diseases by the pharmaceutical industry that affect millions of people worldwide and in Brazil”

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Agence Congolaise de Presse [31 January 2019]

“La RDC célèbre mercredi le premier anniversaire de la journée nationale le de la Trypanosomiase humaine africaine (THA)” – “DRC celebrates the first anniversary of National Human Trypanosomiasis (HAT) Day on Wednesday”


Spandan Features [29 January 2019]

“एक दशक में मिल सकती है काला अजार के उपचार की नयी थेरेपी” – “A new therapy can be developed for effective treatment of kala-azar in the next decade”

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