Duámaco Escribano

Chagas Disease

Duámaco Escribano is infected with Chagas disease, a parasite borne disease. In the indigenous community to which he belongs, the Koguis – one of the four ethnic groups living in the Sierra Nevada, on the north coast of Colombia – life is not measured in years: it starts with birth and ends with death, however long it may be…

Juan Bautista

Juan BatistaChagas Disease

For Juan Bautista Corzo Veloza, a 53 year old, father of three,  life is
not the same since that day in January 2013 when a stroke left him
“dead for three days,” he says. He was changing a tire while performing
his duty as a driver, a job to which he had dedicated himself after
retiring from the National Police, when he began to feel a sharp
pain in his chest along with a slow loss of consciousness.

Lionel Messi

Lionel_Messi_VoicesChagas Disease
Barcelona, Spain
and Rosario, ArgentinaThe world’s number one soccer player, Lionel Messi, who plays for FC Barcelona and the Argentina national team, having seen a documentary by Ricardo Preve on Al Jazeera, ‘Chagas, A Silent Killer’, speaks out about Chagas disease. The soccer star calls for teamwork in the field of Chagas disease to treat patients and find altogether new treatments.