WHF IASC roadmap on Chagas disease

by Echeverría LE, Marcus R, Novick G, Sosa-Estani S, Ralston K, Zaidel EJ, Forsyth C, Ribeiro ALP, Mendoza I, Falconi ML, Mitelman J, Morillo CA, Pereiro AC, Pinazo MJ, Salvatella R, Martinez F, Perel P, Liprandi ÁS, Piñeiro DJ, Molina GR.

Global Heart, March 2020

Chagas Disease. A clinical approach

This book offers a comprehensive overview of Chagas disease, including its vectorial and congenital transmission, and molecular diagnosis, which is essential for screening, and developing and providing timely, effective anti-trypanosomal treatment.

SpringerLink, September 2019