DNDi’s strategy is to develop a new compound with macrofilaricide activity (to kill adult worms) for use as a safe and field-adapted macrofilaricidal drug for patient case management and possibly later MDA if needed.

As a medium-term strategy, DNDi is assessing emodepside which is commercialized by Bayer under license from Astellas as an anthelmintic veterinary drug for cats and dogs in combination with praziquantel (Profender®) and in combination with toltrazuril (Procox®). DNDi has an agreement with Bayer to develop emodepside for the treatment of onchocerciasis. Other compounds targeting Wolbachia, a worm symbiotic bacteria present in the parasites causing onchocerciasis and LF, will also be explored.

As a long-term strategy, DNDi is assessing additional opportunities through an active screening programme of drug compounds emanating from animal health/pharmaceutical companies and academic institutions, with the goal of selecting one or two candidates to move into clinical development. DNDi aims to deliver a safe, efficacious, affordable, and field-adapted macrofilaricidal drug for onchocerciasis and for the treatment of patients, and as a possible alternative in mass drug administration programmes.


DNDi aims to deliver:

  • A new oral, short-course macrofilaricide treatment, with potential application to treat both onchocerciasis.