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The Mycetoma Open Source project (MycetOS) uses an Open Pharma approach to discover new treatments (new chemical entities, or NCEs) for fungal mycetoma (eumycetoma). 

The project will drive lead optimization of compounds targeting Madurella mycetomatis, the predominant causative agent of eumycetoma. Using this radically open approach, MycetOS will identify new drug candidates in a transparent and inclusive way.

The project will progress discovery efforts through community-driven, in-kind scientific contributions and a robust, fully transparent online presence. All ideas and results will be published immediately in real time to an open-access database. 


Infographic explaining the MycetOS projectIntellectual property

All work generated by MycetOS will be published immediately and in real time to the public domain database and thus remain free of the constraints of intellectual property.



26 April 2018
Addressing the most neglected diseases through an open research model: The discovery of fenarimols as novel drug candidates for eumycetoma
PLOS Neglected Tropical Diseases / PDF / BioRxiv (pre-print published 2 February 2018)


Press release

6 February 2018
New open source drug discovery project aims to develop mycetoma treatment



More information

  • Dedicated subreddit forum for transparent, interactive discussion
  • Data sharing and key project files will be shared on github


For further information, please contact Dr Ben Perry ( or join the project communications on Twitter (@MycetOS).


Launch participants

Associate Professor Wendy van de Sande from Erasmus University, Rotterdam, Netherlands; Associate Professor Mat Todd at the University of Sydney, Australia; Ben Perry, Senior Discovery Manager, DNDi.



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