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Annual Report 2015

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DNDi Brochure 2014

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DNDi Portfolio At A Glance 2016

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DNDi Model Paper

DNDi Model Report

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DNDi Business Plan 2015-2023

DNDi Business Plan (2015-2023)



DNDi‘s Leadership Team

Information about DNDi‘s Leadership Team

Neglected Diseases Background

Lancet Global Health - Fatal Imbalance 2 “The drug and vaccine landscape for neglected diseases(2000–11): a systematic assessment”

Lancet Global Health – 2013

 PLoS - Ribeiro  «Manifesto» for advancing the control and elimination of neglected tropical diseases”,

PLoS NTDs – 2010

Fatal Imbalance - 2001 “Fatal Imbalance”,

Drugs for neglected diseases working group – 2001




Press release: “New, Once-a-Day Fixed-Dose Combination Against Malaria Now Available”


Press release: “A Worldwide Public Partnership Makes Available a New, Once-a-Day Fixed-Dose Combination against Malaria”


Press release: “Improved treatment for sleeping sickness now available”


Press release: “New treatment for kala azar, the most deadly parasitic disease after malaria”

Paediatric Benznidazole

Press release: “New Child-Adapted Chagas Disease Treatment Approved for Registration”