Pokot’s Silent Killer part one: Kala azar disease torments residents of Kacheliba, West Pokot
[June 2016]
In the first of this two-part series, KTN reporter Gloria Milimu highlights the plight of kala azar patients in Kacheliba, and explains why the disease continues to ravage the area despite efforts by donors and non-governmental organizations to stem its spread.
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Pokot’s Silent Killer part two: Kala azar, second largest parasitic killer after malaria

[June 2016]
In the second and final edition of K24 TV’s two-part series, reporter Gloria Milimu explains why low funding for kala azar, compared to other tropical diseases impedes efforts to combat the disease.
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Kala azar is a neglected tropical disease rampant in Baringo, Wajir and West Pokot
[June 2016]
Kala azar is a neglected tropical diseases common in Baringo, Isiolo, Marsabit, Turkana, Wajir and West Pokot counties in Kenya. KTN visited West Pokot to investigate access to medical care. Robert Kimutai, Clinical Trials Manager for Leishmaniasis, DNDi is interviewed in this piece.
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carolina_batista_rio_2016_1 Scientists meet to debate neglected diseases
[June 2016]
This video produced by the Empresa Brasil de Comunicação S/A – EBC, and explores how more work needs to be done to combat neglected diseases. Carolina Batista, Regional Medical Manager at DNDi Latin America is interviewed in this piece.
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b_pecoul_healio Hepatitis C: DNDi announces Pharco partnership to reduce HCV treatment costs in Asia
[April 2016]
In this video produced by Healio at the International Liver Congress 2016, where DNDi launched its new Research & Development Strategy for Hepatitis C, Bernard Pécoul, Executive Director of DNDi, discusses the launch of a new partnership between DNDi and Pharco Pharmaceuticals that aims to bring hepatitis C viral infection testing and treatment, for under $300, to low- and middle-income patients in certain parts of Asia.
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amy_maxmen Mycetoma: The Most Neglected Disease of 2015
[January 2016]
To highlight the Neglected Tropical Disease (NTD) Awareness Week, This Week in Global Health (TWiGH) brings to you a conversation with Amy Maxmen – who recently wrote a series on Mycetoma with Global Health Now. Amy discusses DNDi`s work and upcoming, Mycetoma clinical trial.
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rc Why is health R&D Critical to Achieving the SDGs?
[January 2016]
This video produced by the Global Health Technologies Coalition, explores why R&D for new health technologies is key to tackling the world’s most pressing health issues. It is the first installment in a four-part series asking experts to reflect on the role of global health innovation in achieving the SDGs. Rachel Cohen, Regional Executive Director, DNDi, North America is interviewed in this piece.
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DNDi is the anti Martin Shkreli
[January  2016]
DNDi featured on HuffPost Rise. While drug companies primarily focus on profits, DNDi develops life saving medicines for the world’s poorest and most ignored patients. This piece features DNDi North America`s Executive Director Rachel Cohen, DNDi`s Medical Director Nathalie Strub-Wourgaft and Dr Ahmed Fahal from the University of Khartoum.
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Finding a Cure for Kala Azar Finding a Cure for Kala Azar
[August 2015]
Dr Javid Abdelmoneim travels to Japan, Switzerland and Ethiopia to explore how big pharmaceuticals are being mobilised in an unprecedented global initiative to find and fast-track a cure for kala-azar (visceral leishmaniasis). The Cure visits kala-azar patients in Ethiopia, DNDi‘s offices in Geneva, and DNDi partner Eisai in Japan to see how the NTD Drug Discovery Booster hopes to find a cure for kala-azar more quickly.
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 Nathalie Strub Wourgaft Portrait de la Dr. Nathalie Strub Wourgaft, Directrice médicale de DNDi
[October 2013]
La RTS (Radio et Télévision Suisse Romande) consacre, dans sa série sur les métiers de la Genève internationale, un portrait à la Dr. Nathalie Strub Wourgaft, Directrice médicale de DNDi. Elle explique quelle est la mission de DNDi et en quoi consiste son travail au sein de l’organisation de recherche et développement (R&D) de médicaments contre les maladies négligées, en prenant les exemples de la maladie du sommeil et de la leishmaniose viscérale.
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 Little Pharma Film Little Pharma: The pharmacy for neglected patients
[August 2013]
This film explores the progress made recently by new initiatives, namely product development partnerships, in Research & Development for neglected diseases. The French film director Gérard Lafont has interviewed a variety of public and private actors in this field – researchers, doctors and health staff, health authorities’ representatives, policy makers, activists, and funders – and explains how they collaborate to develop new health tools for neglected patients.
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Al Jazeera's The Cure - On The Trail of Sleeping Sickness On the Trail of Sleeping Sickness
[September 2013]
Al Jazeera’s The Cure travels into remote areas of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, where populations are hit by sleeping sickness. At an MSF centre in Dipumba, the journalist explains the whole process of screening patients, diagnosing them, then treating them with currently available medics. It also profiles a potential new oral treatment developed by DNDi that could drastically simplify the uptake at the village level.
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2012 International Symposium on Medicinal Chemistry: interviews of Dr Charlie Mowbray (DNDi), Dr David Waterson (MMV) and other experts
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What is the role of PDPs in drug discovery for neglected diseases?”
“What are the main challenges drug discovery poses?”
“What are the main approaches to discover new drugs for malaria?”
DNDI - Le Dessous des Cartes - Arte TV 1 milliard de malades oubliés
Le Dessous des Cartes, ARTE

[November 2012] 11’45”
© 2012 Arte France / en collaboration avec le Lépac
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Neglected Diseases: strategies for elimination
[March 4, 2011] 4’32”, English

An interview with Bernard Pécoul by WebsEdge for Global Health TV
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DNDi's Project of the year 2010


$1 For 1 Life (short version)
[November 2010] 26′, English
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Temps présent, TSR Swiss Television
[December 2008] 7′, Français – © TSR
“Le grand marché des cobayes humains”: a part of the program presents the clinical trials done in Bihar (India) by DNDi in partnership with Dr. Shyam Sundar, to treat visceral leishmaniasis with combination therapies.
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Sleeping Seekness MSF & DNDi: In the sleeping sickness ward
[October 2008] 6′, English – © MSF
Presentation of the MSF “sleeping sickness” project in the DRC, in Doruma (opened in 2007), focusing on the challenges of access, logistics, high number of cases and insecurity. Another challenge, taken up in collaboration with DNDi, consists of pushing for more R&D to find other treatments, which would be simple to administer and less toxic for the patients.
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Sleeping Seekness MSF & DNDi: Dans le service de maladie du sommeil
[October 2008] 6′, Français – © MSF
Présentation du projet « maladie du sommeil » de MSF, ouvert en 2007 en République démocratique du Congo, à Doruma, avec un accent sur les défis en termes d’accès, de logistique, du nombre élevé de cas et d’insécurité. Un autre défi, partagé avec DNDi, est de pousser la recherche à trouver d’autres traitements, plus simples d’administration et surtout moins toxiques.
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Sleeping Seekness Survival series, BBC – Sleeping sickness – The Deadliest Disease
[October 2008] 6′, English – © Ruder Finn in partnership with Rockhopper.tv
Dr Florent Mbo is part of the Sleeping Sickness National Control Programme in the DRC. Explore with him the remote areas of DRC with extremely limited medical resources along the Congo River that Dr Mbo visits to try to tackle the often fatal disease. Dr Mbo is also accompanying Dr Els Torreele, Project Manager at DNDi, to explore treatment options for patients suffering from neglected diseases.
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