Dr Bernard Pécoul speaks about the DNDi Model [February 10, 2014]

Dr Bernard Pécoul, DNDi Executive Director, speaks about DNDi‘s first analysis of the impact of the DNDi model.

Interview with Rob Don, DNDi Discovery & Preclinical Director [November 12, 2013]

Rob Don presents the MoU between DNDi, Medicines for Malaria Venture (MMV), and the Royal Society for Chemistry (RSC) aimed at fostering knowledge sharing on open source drug discovery.

In memory of Dr Alleluia Muwanga [November 12, 2013] Dr Alleluia Muwanga passed away on 29 September 2013. He was 41. Alleluia was working as a dedicated and passionate investigator for the clinical trial on fexinidazole for sleeping sickness in Vanga Hospital in Democratic Republic of Congo. He is deeply missed by his family, friends, and colleagues.


Inclusion of first patients in Phase II/III study on fexinidazole for HAT [December 6, 2012]

Dr. Antoine Tarral, Head of HAT Clinical Program at DNDi, explains how the best science and technology was brought into remote areas to launch this high quality standard clinical trial.

Launch of National Guidelines for VL – Dr. Davis Wachira [September 26, 2012]

Dr. Davis Wachira from the Neglected Tropical Disease Programme, Department of Disease Prevention and Control, Ministry of Public Health and Sanitation of Kenya explains the importance for Kenya to diagnose and treat VL patients.

DNDi and Cipla collaborate on a 4-in-1 ARV combination for paediatric HIV [October 21, 2014]

Rachel Cohen, Regional Executive Director of DNDi North America, comments on DNDi‘s and Cipla’s announcement to develop 4-in-1 paediatric antiretroviral drug combination

Dr Graeme Bilbe to Lead DNDi’s R&D Efforts to Address the Treatment Needs of the Most Neglected Patients [June 29, 2012] Dr. Bilbe comments on DNDi’s R&D challenges

WHA Resolution: Why We Need to Move Forward [June 05, 2012]

Bernard Pécoul (DNDi) comments on the WHA Resolution and on the way ahead

WHA Resolution: Why We Need to Move Forward [June 05, 2012]

Carlos Morel (FIOCRUZ) comments on the WHA Resolution and on the way ahead

WHA Resolution: Why We Need to Move Forward [June 05, 2012]

Monique Wasunna (DNDi Africa & KEMRI) comments on the WHA Resolution and on the way ahead

Chagas is global: Manuel Gutiérrez Torrico tells the creation of FINDECHAGAS [April 21, 2012]

Interview of Manuel Gutiérrez Torrico, former President of FINDECHAGAS.

FindeChagas : Chagas Day [April 14, 2012]

Interview of Eric Stobbaerts, Head of Regional Office, DNDi Latin America.

Argentina launches benznidazole [April 4, 2012]

Interview of Bernard Pécoul, DNDi Executive Director (March 20, 2012)i.

Drug development pipeline for Human African Trypanosomiasis (HAT) [March 12, 2012]

Interview of Dr. Nathalie Strub Wourgaft, Medical Director at DNDi.

Registration of paramomycin in Uganda (VL) [March 12, 2012]

Interview of Dr. Joseph Olobo, Associate Professor, Makerere University, Uganda.


Professor El Hassan on DNDi and the LEAP platform’s efforts to strengthen Sudan’s capacity to combat VL

[January 30, 2012]

Professor El Hassan from the Institute of Endemic Diseases, University of Khartoum, explains how DNDi and the LEAP platform have endeavoured over nearly a decade to bring change through capacity strengthening to the management and treatment of VL in Sudan


Major Project launched to Support India and Bangladesh’s National Control Programmes in Implementing New Treatments to Boost Kala-Azar Elimination Strategies [November 07, 2011]

Interview with consortium partners: Dr. Bhawna Sharma (Head of DNDi India), Sally Ellis (Clinical Manager, DNDi), Dr. Philippe Desjeux (Senior Programme Officer, OWH), and Dr. Byron Arana (Scientist, TDR)

DNDi collaborates closely with neglected disease-endemic countries
[November 07, 2011]

Carlos Morel, Director of the Centre for Technological Development in Health (CDTS), Oswaldo Cruz Foundation (Fiocruz) in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, gives his perspective on DNDi‘s specificities as an organization embedded in neglected disease-endemic countries.

Leishmaniasis East Africa Platform (LEAP) creating change for clinical researchers
[September 30, 2011]

Dr Monique Wasunna, Head of DNDi Africa, and participants in the Good Clinical Practice (GCP) training course, Nairobi, Kenya (September 2011) talk about LEAP and the impact of capacity building.

The expansion of DNDi‘s portfolio into paediatric HIV and helminth infections [July 18, 2011]
Bernard Pécoul, Executive Director of DNDi, speaks about the expansion of DNDi’s portfolio into paediatric HIV and helminth infections.


DNDi launches new drugs development programmes to address treatment needs of children with HIV/AIDS [July 18, 2011]

Marc Lallemant, Head of HIV Programme, speaks about paediatric HIV and DNDi‘s strategy for paediatric HIV.

puce Who are you Marc Lallemant?

puce Modes of transmission of paediatric HIV/AIDS

puce Current treatments and their limitations for paediatric HIV

puce DNDi‘s portfolio expansion to paediatric HIV

puce DNDi‘s strategy for paediatric HIV

New potential oral drug for sleeping sickness [28 June 2011]
Bernard Pécoul, Executive Director of DNDi, speaks about DNDi and the biotech partnership with Anacor and SCYNEXIS for a new potential oral treatment for sleeping sickness at a press conference in Washington DC