R&D Partners Map
DNDi has over 180 partners and service providers worldwide

DNDi operates through a virtual model whereby all of its R&D activities are outsourced, enabling development costs to be kept under control while providing a high level of flexibility. As a consequence of this strategy, the development of an efficient drug development programme to address neglected diseases requires strong partnership agreements across the entire biomedical landscape, so as to leverage and mobilize private and public sector resources.

However, owing to the absence of foreseeable profit in the field of neglected tropical diseases, the business drivers of these partnerships are intrinsically different from those of the financially lucrative-driven contracts the drug industry is accustomed to.

Successful partnership agreements require the management of divergent interests by solving critical issues like licensing rights, confidentiality concerns, intellectual property (IP) management, and/or lack of profitability.

DNDi has developed various models of collaboration, successfully managing the respective interests of its partners so as to reach well balanced agreements. Defining the field (the diseases), territory (the geographical area), and the market (public vs. private distribution) are important issues that must be agreed upon by both parties in order for a private partner to provide DNDi access to a compound or technology.

Having signed key, multi-year commitments with various partners which will serve as cornerstones in our development pipeline, DNDi continues to identify and engage partners who share our vision and commitment, to ensure that a well-balanced pipeline is established.

List of our main R&D partners