DNDi has many partners around the world and across different sectors. However, drug development is both expensive and risky: we are always looking for additional support from new research partners, both in the public and private sector, to deliver the best science for the most neglected.


What are we looking for?

Accessing chemical diversity

  • New compound classes with anti-parasitic activities
  • New and diverse chemical libraries
  • Synthetic small molecules
  • Natural products


Harnessing know-how and technologies

  • New screening assays able to target dormant/latent parasites
  • Translational models of disease
  • Innovative formulations or methods of administration
  • Innovative artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) methods to accelerate the R&D process
  • Predictive models of safety and toxicity
  • Open Innovation approaches attracting more R&D for the needs of neglected patients


Partners for giving access to drugs

  • Chemistry, Manufacturing, and Control (CMC)
  • Manufacturing
  • Regulatory
  • Distribution