R&D Portfolio Update February 2019: DNDi Leishmaniasis programme

In Africa, results of a Phase III study on HIV/VL in Ethiopia showed high efficacy of a new combination therapy for co-infected patients, a Phase III study began to test new combination treatment for visceral leishmaniasis, and a Phase II study testing new treatments for PKDL started in Sudan. In Asia, the results of an infectivity study in Bangladesh confirmed that PKDL acts as a reservoir for leishmaniasis infection, with implications for elimination efforts across South Asia. In Latin America, the Brazilian Ministry of Health is reviewing its treatment policy to consider the adoption of AmBisome as the country’s first-line visceral leishmaniasis treatment.

Wellcome commits £10 million to DNDi to develop new generation of oral drugs to treat leishmaniasis

London/Geneva – 5 February 2019
Wellcome has committed over £10 million to DNDi to develop new treatments for leishmaniasis, one of the world’s most devastating parasitic diseases. The three-year partnership will enable DNDi and Wellcome to develop new combinations of entirely new, all-orally acting chemical entities, through a joint strategy that also harnesses the strengths of the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries, academia, and product development partnerships.

CTDDR 2019

20-23 February 2019
Lucknow, India

  • Presentation of the development of DNDI-0690, a new clinical candidate for visceral leishmaniasis

Spandan Features [29 January 2019]

“एक दशक में मिल सकती है काला अजार के उपचार की नयी थेरेपी” – “A new therapy can be developed for effective treatment of kala-azar in the next decade”

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ड्रग्स फ़ॉर नेग्लेक्टेड डिज़ीज़ेज़ इनिशिएटिव व द बीएमजे ने दक्षिण एशिया में उपेक्षित बीमारियों व नयी खोज पर ख़ास संकलन जारी किया

23 जनवरी 2019, नयी दिल्ली

दक्षिण एशिया में उपेक्षित बीमारियों के उन्मूलन के लिए नवीनता/ नए प्रयोग महत्वपूर्ण हैं |

ड्रग्स फ़ॉर नेग्लेक्टेड डिज़ीज़ेज़ इनिशिएटिव (डीएनडीआई) ने बीएमजे (ब्रिटिश मेडिकल जर्नल) के सहयोग से ‘नेग्लेक्टेड डिज़ीज़ेज़ एंड इनोवेशन इन साउथ एशिया’ नाम का एक ख़ास संकलन प्रकाशित किया है | संकलन में दक्षिण एशिया व दुनिया भर के लगभग 30 लेखकों ने इस क्षेत्र में उपेक्षित मरीजों का स्वास्थ्य सुधारने के लिए शोध की प्राथमिकताओं के साथ ही कार्रवाई के लिए सिफारिशों की पहचान भी की है |

Drugs for Neglected Diseases initiative and The BMJ launch a special collection on neglected diseases and innovation in South Asia

New Delhi- 23 January 2019
Research and policy Innovation is vital for sustained control & elimination of neglected diseases in South Asia
DNDi has launched a special collection of articles entitles ‘Neglected Diseases and Innovation in South Asia’ published today by The BMJ. The collection brings together over 30 authors from across South Asia and internationally, to identify research priorities and recommendations for action to improve the health of neglected patients in the region. The collection maps progress in the control or elimination of neglected diseases such as lymphatic filariasis, kala-azar, and snakebites in the region, and highlights the growing challenge of antimicrobial resistance.

An HIV/VL patient’s long road to better treatment

Man sitting on a bed in a hospital

Nigatu Abebe from Ethiopia sits on a bed in the Leishmaniasis Research and Treatment Centre (LRTC) at the University of Gondar in Ethiopia. He looks very frail and has been battling against visceral leishmaniasis (VL), also known as kala-azar, and HIV for 11 years.