Swiss Malaria Group Event: World Malaria Day

April 25, 2016
Bern, Switzerland
The Swiss Malaria Group marked the occasion of World Malaria Day 2016 in Bern. The group informed the public about the commitment of the Swiss Malaria Group Association in the fight against malaria and about the devastation still caused by malaria in the world.

CTDDR 2016

6th International Symposium on Current Trends in Drug Discovery and Research

February 25-28, 2016
Lucknow, India
Robert Don, Graeme Bilbe, and Suman Rijal presented in a session on infectious diseases.

ASTMH in Kenya

February 9, 2016
Nairobi, Kenya
DNDi chaired and presented at a symposium on innovation for access to treatment for neglected diseases at the first ASTMH in Kenya.

New report reviews the successful development of the antimalarial ASAQ

DNDi has produced a new report on ‘Pioneering ways of working through innovative partnerships – 2002-2015 – The successful development of a fixed dose combination of artesunate plus amodiaquine antimalarial’. This document reviews the development of DNDi’s first-delivered treatment, ASAQ FDC, and forms part of a broader reflection on DNDi’s business model and its lessons learned over a decade after its creation in 2003.

Excite [30 October, 2015]
“シンポジウムのご案内 「グローバルヘルスの潮流:三大感染症、エボラ出血熱、そして顧みられない熱帯病(NTDs)” – “Symposium for global health trends: the three major infectious areas, Ebola, hemorrhagic fever, and neglected tropical diseases (NTDs) “
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