DNDi Launches New Drug Development Programme to Address Treatment Needs of Children with HIV/AIDS

[Geneva, Switzerland and Rome, Italy – July 18, 2011]
Today at the 6th International AIDS Society (IAS) Conference on HIV Pathogenesis, Treatment and Prevention, the Drugs for Neglected Diseases initiative (DNDi) announced the launch of a new drug development programme to address critical unmet treatment needs of children with HIV/AIDS.
Listen to the podcasts of Bernard Pécoul and Marc Lallemant on DNDi‘s portfolio expansion to paediatric HIV
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IAS 2011

[July 17-20, 2011]
Rome, Italy
With the expansion of its portfolio to paediatric HIV, DNDi attended the IAS conference to advocate on R&D needs for better adapted drugs for infants

DNDi lanza programa de desarrollo de nuevos medicamentos para satisfacer las necesidades de tratamiento de niños con VIH / SIDA

[Ginebra / Roma – 18 de julio de 2011]
Hoy, en la 6 ª Conferencia de la AIDS Society International (IAS) sobre la patogénesis, tratamiento y prevención del VIH, la iniciativa Medicamentos para Enfermedades Olvidadas (DNDi) ha anunciado el lanzamiento de un programa de desarrollo de nuevos medicamentos para satisfacer la necesidad urgente de tratamiento en niños con VIH / SIDA.
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DNDi lança Programa de Desenvolvimento de Novos Medicamentos para Atender às necessidades de Tratamento de Crianças com HIV/Aids

[Genebra / Roma – 18 julho 2011]
Hoje, no 6ª Conferência da Sociedade International de Aids (IAS) sobre patogênese, tratamento e prevenção do HIV, a iniciativa Medicamentos para Doenças Negligenciadas (DNDi) anunciou o lançamento de um programa de desenvolvimento de medicamentos novos para atender à urgente necessidade de tratamento em crianças com HIV/Aids.
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More Sustainable Resources Needed

[February 2010]
Despite the establishment of Product Development Partnerships like DNDi and new commitments from public and private donors, funding for scientific and medical innovation for diseases that disproportionately affect the developing world remains inadequate. DNDi and the George Institute launched in February 2010 a new report on the challenges of registering new drugs for neglected diseases in the African context.