R&D Portfolio Update March 2018: DNDi Sleeping sickness programme

Phase II/III study results confirmed that fexinidazole, DNDi’s first new chemical entity is safe and effective, and presents significant advantages over current treatment as it removes the need for lumbar puncture and systematic patient hospitalization. A regulatory dossier has been submitted to the European Medicines Agency for fexinidazole as the first all-oral treatment for sleeping sickness.

Compañías farmacéuticas y organizaciones sin fines de lucro colaboran para proporcionar un tratamiento para que la Hepatitis C sea accesible para pacientes de América Latina

Buenos Aires/Ginebra – Marzo de 2018
Una nueva colaboración entre compañías farmacéuticas y organizaciones sin fines de lucro permitirá producir y suministrar un nuevo régimen de tratamiento de la hepatitis C, a precios más accesibles para la población en América Latina. Se estima que 3,5 millones de personas viven con esta enfermedad viral en la región, y aproximadamente 325.000 en Argentina. El alto precio de los tratamientos constituye una de las muchas barreras para acceder a una atención adecuada.

Pharmaceutical companies and non-profits team up to provide affordable hepatitis C treatment in Latin America

Buenos Aires, Geneva – 5 March 2018
A new collaboration between pharmaceutical companies and non-profit organizations will manufacture and supply a new, more affordable, hepatitis C treatment regimen in Latin America. An estimated 3.5 million people live with this viral disease in Latin America including around 325,000 in Argentina, with high treatment prices one of the many barriers to access for life-saving care.

Geneva Health Forum

7th Edition: Precision Global Health in the Digital Age

10-12 April 2018
Geneva, Switzerland
Bernard Pécoul, Executive Director – plenary talk on emerging infectious diseases crisis
Digas Ngolo, Investigator Coordinator, DNDi Africa – parallel session on ehealth

ISNTD Festival 2018

27 March 2018
London, United Kingdom
Submission of the film “The Last Mile” to the ISNTD Festival Awards