ASTMH in Kenya


February 9, 2016
Nairobi, Kenya

The symposium brought together experts from the government, non-governmental organizations, affected counties in Kenya, regional experts in neglected tropical diseases and research institutions to discuss innovative ways of increasing access to treatments for neglected diseases once trials are successfully completed.


DNDi Access Symposium Report held during ASTMH in Kenya




Innovation for Access to Treatment for Neglected Diseases

Chair: Monique Wasunna, Director, DNDi Africa Regional Office


Welcome and Introductions
Monique Wasunna, Director, DNDi Africa Regional Office
Linking innovation to access to treatments for neglected patients
Eric Stobbaerts, DNDi
Visceral Leishmaniasis treatment access: The reality on the ground
Margriet den Boer, KalaCore Regional Coordinator, East Africa
Challenges of access to treatment for neglected diseases – Experiences in Kenya
Hardley Sultani Matendechero, Head, NTD Programme, Ministry of Health
SSG & PM: Issues of access to VL treatments
Robert Kimutai, Clinical Trial Manager, DNDi Africa Regional Office
Role of stakeholders in making NTD drugs available
Joyce Onsongo, Disease Control and Prevention Officer, WHO
Patient experiences in access to VL treatment
Former VL Patient & Latin America patient perspective video
Wrap up, discussions, way forward and conclusions
Eric Stobbaerts & Monique Wasunna


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