Geneva Health Forum

7th Edition: Precision Global Health in the Digital Age

April 10-12, 2018
Geneva, Switzerland
The call for contributions closed on the 2nd of October 2017.

ICASA 2017

December 4-9, 2017
Côte d’Ivoire, Brasil
Members of DNDi’s HIV-HCV team will present at the event.

Joint Meeting of Bioscience Societies

November 13-17, 2017
Buenos Aires, Argentina
DNDi Latin America will give an update on the latest advances in therapeutic biomarkers or prognosis of Chagas disease.

ASTMH 2017

November 5-9, 2017
Baltimore, Maryland, USA
DNDi will be taking part in symposia, posters and oral presentations at the meeting.


X National Congress of Tropical Medicine and International Health

October 23-25, 2017
Bilbao, Spain
Representatives from DNDi and GARDP will take part in the event.

AASLD The Liver Meeting®

October 20-24, 2017
Washington DC, USA
Isabelle Andrieux-Meyer, Paediatric HIV/HCV Team Leader at DNDi, will speak at the HCV public health symposium.


October 16-20, 2017
Antwerp, Belgium
DNDi presented on sleeping sickness, visceral leishmaniasis, mycetoma, and onchocerciasis.

8th Trends in Medical Mycology

October 6-9, 2017
Belgrade, Serbia
Jean-Robert Ioset, Discovery Manager, and Benjamin Perry, Senior Discovery Manager – Open Innovation, presented posters at the meeting.

IMTechCon 2017

October 4-6, 2017
Chandigarh, India
Graeme Bilbe, R&D Director, DNDi and Suman Rijal, Director of DNDi Regional Office India will take part in the event.


Action on Antibiotic Resistance (ReAct) Africa Annual Conference 2017

September 18-19, 2017
Machakos, Kenya
DNDi Africa’s Director, Monique Wasunna, gave a presentation on DNDi‘s various programme models.

Basel Life 2017

September 11-14, 2017
Basel, Switzerland
Bernard Pécoul, Executive Director, DNDi, spoke at the event.


XII Joint National Conference of Indian Society for Malaria and Other Communicable Diseases & Indian Association of Epidemiologists

September 1-3 , 2017
Pune, India
Suman Rijal, Regional Director, DNDi India presented at the event.