Chagas Clinical Research Platform

Founded: 2009, Uberaba, Brazil

To support its R&D activities on Chagas disease, DNDlaunched the Chagas Clinical Research Platform (CCRP). The platform brings together partners, experts, and stakeholders to provide support for evaluation and development of new treatments for Chagas disease. The patient-centred platform aims to facilitate clinical research, provide a forum for technical discussions, develop a critical mass of expertise, and strengthen institutional research capacities. In addition, it will identifies and reviews priority needs, works towards standardization of methodology to assess drug efficacy and reviews alternatives for using current approved drugs (new schemes, doses, combination) and special scenarios (resistance).

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“Enabling discussions among researchers is an important tool for the improvement of efficiency, diagnosis and treatment.”

Concepción Zúñiga Valeriano, Medical Doctor, Head of Chagas, Honduras

Newsletter, July 2019


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  • 95 members defined research priorities for the coming years and signed the Santa Cruz Letter, calling on governments, organizations, and donors to step up their efforts to control and eliminate Chagas as a public health problem.
  • 8 active clinical trial sites:
  • 117 people trained at 10 meetings, workshops, and seminars in Bolivia, Brazil, and the US: in ethics, Good Clinical Practice and Good Clinical Laboratory Practice for clinical trials, and in treatment access, communications, fundraising, advocacy, and finance.
  • Supported the publication of the Brazilian Clinical Protocols and Treatment Guidelines for Chagas Disease and PAHO’s 2018 publication of regional guidelines for Chagas disease.
  • 7 clinical trial sites were active: 3 in Bolivia for the Phase II proof-of-concept BENDITA trial (to assess safety and tolerability of benznidazole with reduced doses and treatment duration, and in combination with fosravuconazole) and 4 in Spain for the Phase II proof-of-concept study of fexinidazole to treat Chagas.
  • 161 people trained at 4 workshops/technical meetings in Colombia, Brazil, and the US.
  • Discussions promoted by the Chagas Platform in Brazil are supporting the ongoing changes of the Brazilian national guidelines for the treatment of Chagas disease.
  • Three clinical trial sites were active in Bolivia to support the Phase II proofof- concept BENDITA trial (benznidazole new doses improved treatment and associations).
  • At the Chagas Platform Annual Meeting, about 270 people were trained on key areas, including: qPCR validation and quality control for diagnosis and monitoring, discovery of new drugs, congenital Chagas disease, civil society movements, new research fields and guidelines for Chagas disease, new landscape for chronic patients, integrative therapy approach.
  • The number of CCRP members grew by 23%; about 40% of new members came from non-endemic countries.
  • The annual Chagas Clinical Research Platform meeting took place in Buenos Aires, Argentina in the context of National Chagas Week, with 230 attendees from, among others, national programmes, patient associations, research associations, research and clinical care centres, NGOs and pharmaceutical companies.



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