Established in 2003, the DNDi Africa office provides support to R&D projects in the region, including the LEAP Platform. Additionally, the office works to build awareness about neglected diseases and realities in the field through regional advocacy and communications activities.

DNDi in Africa

Tetezi Towers, 3rd Floor
George Padmore Road
P.O. Box 21936-00505

Tel: +254 20 3995 000


  • Support for the first-ever clinical trial in eumycetoma, studying the efficacy of the anti-fungal drug fosravuconazole at the Mycetoma Research Centre, Sudan
  • Preliminary evaluation of the paediatric HIV ‘LIVING’ study: high levels of viral suppression in infants and young children after 48 weeks of treatment
  • Initiation of the first site for the miltefosine/paromomycin clinical trial in Sudan for visceral leishmaniasis (VL) in Eastern Africa
  • Community meetings in Amudat, Uganda, and Kacheliba and West Pokot, Kenya to share findings of the miltefosine dosing clinical trial in children with primary VL
  • Stakeholders’ meeting in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia on clinical trial for HIV/VL coinfected patients
  • ISO 9001:2008 certification (quality management systems) received for Nairobi office
  • Allometric pharmacokinetic study shows miltefosine remains an attractive option for combination with other drugs; conclusion is that for children, allometric dosing seems to be a better regimen and will be employed in future studies involving paediatric patients.
  • Paediatric HIV study extends to Uganda, with 5 new sites enrolling over 150 new patients by the end of the year.
  • LEAP 2.0 – the revamped Leishmaniasis East Africa Platform – launches, with expansion of R&D activities from VL to CL and PKDL, and inclusion of other countries (Eritrea, Somalia, South Sudan).
  • Following advocacy from DNDi and the Mycetoma Research Centre in Sudan, mycetoma becomes the 18th disease to be included in the WHO NTD list.
  • Site initiation visits, protocol training, GCP and GCLP training pave the way for study of fosravuconazole as a potential mycetoma treatment.