LEAP platform logoLeishmaniasis East Africa Platform (LEAP)

Founded: 2003, Khartoum, Sudan. Over 60 members, representing more than 13 institutions.

The LEAP platform aims to strengthen clinical research capacity, which is lacking in part due to the remoteness and geographic spread of the patients, most of whom live in the most impoverished regions of Africa. The platform also is a base for ongoing educational cooperation between the countries in the East African region and standardization of procedures and practices within the region, as far as is possible within the confines of local
regulations. LEAP evaluates, validates, and registers new treatments that address regional needs for visceral leishmaniasis.

The Platform is active in:

  • Treatments & access
  • Clinical trials
  • Capacity strengthening
  • Communications


martin_leap‘I am proud to be a part of a team that gained new knowledge through training and participation in a clinical trial for the first time.’

Martin Sunguti Kundu, Lab Head
Kacheliba, West Pokot, Kenya

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  • The LEAP Platform handled 6 clinical trial sites in Ethiopia, Kenya, Uganda, and Sudan, as well as maintaining clinical trial sites even though they were not involved in R&D activities. Outside of the trials, 1,156 people were treated, and 3,069 screened.
  • Launch of LEAP 2.0: the platform was restructured to adjust to expanding clinical trial needs in the region; with expansion of disease areas – from VL only to CL and PKDL –, extension of member countries (Eritrea, South Sudan, Somalia), and for a focus on new areas of activities (access, Phase I studies, data sharing)
  • The 22nd LEAP meeting took place in Khartoum, Sudan in October 2015, with 68 participants, alongside the 22nd LEAP Principal Investigators (PIs) Meeting and the 1st Project Advisory Committee (PAC) of the AfriCoLeish Project “New combination treatments for VL in Africa” and Fexinidazole studies were completed.





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